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Thursday, December 29

Angry Agnostic

"Agnosticism is the philosophical view that the truth values of certain claims—particularly theological claims regarding the existence of God, gods, or deities—are unknown, inherently unknowable, or incoherent."

I used to define myself as an atheist. During my yearly holiday quasi-depression, I realized something.

I cannot be angry with God if I don't believe in God.

Finding my peace with this is not easily forthcoming. Logic says it must be true. But, logic does not often rule a human.

What happens now?


at 11:10 PM, December 29, 2005, Blogger Melly said...

I'd like to think that I'm usually governed by logic and so this was never an issue with me.
So I imagine you must decide now. And since faith is a matter of the heart, or so they tell me, and not logic, you may always have conflicting notions, unless you put faith above all else. I guess. Wow. Very complicated problem. Very interesting. Tell me when you sort it out :)

at 1:50 PM, January 01, 2006, Blogger effderck said...


well i chanced upon your blogpage and got stuck reading.

i linked you up. hope you don't mind.

at 7:15 AM, January 05, 2006, Blogger Carter said...

Being an agnostic is hard. When you give up your god(s), you also give up anything you can hold responsible for the things that happen in the world. That means you have to start looking in more depth and assigning responsibility where it actually belongs. In some cases, you may find that it's your own assumptins and beliefs that are at fault. That's not easy to face, most of the time. Good luck with your struggle. Call on me if you need to talk or rant or whatever.


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