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Friday, October 29

Medicare and Nursing Homes

A little background. I am a CNA. I am the one who takes care of Grandma in the nursing home. I help her get up, brush her teeth, go to the bathroom, etc. On average, I am responsible for all the needs of 10-15 residents all day, everyday. I do not get upset when a resident with dementia or Alzheimer's hits me because she doesn't understand I am trying to help. I lift 200 pound people everyday because they can't stand. I could go to work at almost any fast food restaurant or gas station and still bring home my $550 every two weeks. But, I don't. I choose to do something I feel is worthwhile. My residents are as important to me as my own kids.

Some truths.
  1. All CNAs are human.
  2. No CNA can be in two places at one time.

Knowing this, why is it my fault if your Grandma has to void when I am already helping another resident do the same? Why are newspapers filled with 'Letters to the Editor' because of situations like this? I'd bet that it takes more than 2 minutes for you to pee.

If it bothers you so much that Grandma may have to wait a little bit, maybe you should lobby for Medicare increases instead of decreases. With more funding, nursing homes could staff more CNAs and nurses. But, Medicare funding keeps getting cut. Then, Medicare has to reduce the amount that it pays. Next, nursing homes have to cut staff. In the end, you and your family lose the most, not the government. Yes, tax cuts are nice, but think long term!


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