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Friday, November 19

Silly Is As Silly Does...

My kids have been enthralled with the "Silly Putty" that I bought them at the Dollar Store. Here are some interesting tidbits:
  • One of the original "Silly Putty" eggs is on display at the Smithsonian.
  • "Silly Putty" still costs under $2.00. In 1950, it cost $1.00.
  • It was invented during WWII as an accident. Scientists were trying to find an alternative to rubber.
  • "Silly Putty" was packaged in eggs because it was Easter.
  • The makers of Crayola, Binny & Smith, now own the rights and produce over 500 pounds of it per day.
  • It was originally packaged during Easter, hence the plastic egg packaging.
  • "Silly Putty" bounces higher than rubber.
  • A college student once dropped a one-hundred pound ball of "Silly Putty" from a roof. It bounced 8 feet then shattered into pieces on the second bounce.


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