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Saturday, November 13


I see the commercials for a certain credit card. The try telling you what is priceless and how much that priceless moment cost. Whooopie! If that moment were so priceless, how can you consider what it cost? When my son does something priceless, I don't run to my credit card bill to see how much that moment cost. I sit back burning the image into my brain and most of the time onto some 35 mm film. Priceless moments are a reward that makes you stop, look, and listen like you were going to cross a 10 lane highway. (Especially when they are with your kids)

This commercial makes me want to scream every time I happen across it. It seems to say that the only way to get those moments in time are to buy, buy, buy. It tries to tell us consumers that by being able to afford the over-priced vacation, the expensive meals, etc is the only way to have quality time. BULLSHIT. The first family bio that my youngest son brought home which had both his biological mother and me as parents will stick in my heart more than the family vacation to Chicago museums will. Those unexpected, not-a-pricetag-in-sight moments are what count, not the over-priced make-a-moment ideas that we come up with because it will make a great picture!


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