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Sunday, August 21

Sympathy for my GF

Tomorrow is the first day of the school year. School supplies and clothes are ready. Normally, my gf would get to go to coffee for the first time in three months with no kids. This year, she will probably be spending it at home, taking care of our youngest who developed a fever today.

The school year doesn't affect me much because I work five am to one pm all year, Monday thru Friday. The majority of the time I am home, the kids are home anyway. But, I can feel her pain. We love our kids, really. We both just long for that little bit of time to be adults with adults. The only time we get to do this is during school. We don't get lucky enough for both our kids to spend the night with family on the same night and we can't afford a babysitter. One day won't make that much difference, but it is a letdown after all the anticipation.


at 9:15 AM, August 22, 2005, Blogger Steph T. said...

Hope your youngest feels better soon!

And yeah - I understand about the adult time - and the alone time too. I got an hour yesterday and I cherished every single second of it...


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