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Monday, November 14


A few years ago, my girlfriend lost both of her grandparents. It was a hard time made worse by various other goings-on. Long to short, her grandparents had raised her and she was very close to them. In their last days, the local hospice and I took care of them.

My girlfriend's grandmother was an avid reader with the home library to match. Custom books shelves lined the walls with shelves made the perfect height for paperbacks with some the right height for hardcovers. Thousands of books just waiting to be read, each embossed with her name. I still turn green thinking of that library.

I helped with the estate afterwards. It took four people days to box up all of those wonderful books. The family decided to donate them to the local hospice's thrift store. I had never once seen any of her books in there.

Recently, I went in to look around. Some scrubs, knitting needles, and various other items were in my arms when I stopped to pick up a book. It seemed interesting, so I took it up the register. It wasn't until I had finished reading the book that I noticed her seal on the title page.

So, PBW, that is the strangest thing that I have found in a book.


at 1:00 PM, November 17, 2005, Blogger Melly said...

What a story.
It was very touching. Very interesting.
Thanks for sharing.


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