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Monday, January 10

Not again....

Okay, religion is great for those who want it. But, unfortunately, noone has ever been able to truly seperate church and state. While this hits home in many ways for me, I has to hit home to many other Americans, too. Church leaders have the right to voice their opinions just like me. But, I do not lead millions of people nor am I a role model for millions of people. I do not think any religion is wrong as long as it doesn't harm anyone. But, when a religious leader says that healthcare professionals must keep a feeding tube in place, regardless of the patients wishes, that crosses the line.

The Pope on March 20, 2004 (yes, I am a little late in finding this out) said that to withdraw feeding tubes is a cruel form of euthanasia. Our medical system is based on the fact that you can decide what form of treatment you want. Our wishes with regards to dying are very personal. They should be respected no matter what someone else says. Make a living will. Appoint a power of attorney that knows (and would follow) your wishes. Don't let someone else decide for you.


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