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Monday, November 22

I Just Can't Take It!

I took the weekend off to spend some time with my kids and girlfriend. But, when I was reading this article, every single calming effect from this weekend evaporated. All I can say without raising my blood pressure above 200 is: who decided to make a GAME out of the death of president JFK? This is not an informative information simulation. In fact, if you come the closest to "recreating" the assisination, you could win up to $100,000. What IDIOT decided that this was okay or even appropriate?

I do not have a problem with video games. Video games like "Rome: Total War", a simulation game about the Roman Empire, can be informative. In fact, the History Channel uses this game to show battles in their series Decisive Battles. I just cannot fathom why anyone would think that becoming Lee Harvey Oswald would be a good thing.


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