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Saturday, February 12


Reflection Time.

Everyday I try to sit back and think about the daty before going to bed. Today, all I can say is "Hmph."

I've gotten my template down to a few minor adjustments. (Footer, maybe another link box, new poll) Hopefully, it works pretty well. Please, leave me a comment if there is a problem. I can only test it on IE.

The kids are doing great. The oldest is accepting his grounding. The youngest played all day. It's hard to accept that they aren't so little anymore. I wonder how my gf feels. She has been watching them grow since they were born. I've only been in the picture for five years. Wow.

All in all, I'm in a contemplative mood. How many people take their families for granted? I wish I could. I joke that the one positive thing about being raised in foster care is the lack of families. Not having umpteen birthdays to remember or too many Christmas gifts to buy. I realized today that I do not have one picture of me before I was about 20. None. The only childhood stories I know are either from a hospital visit, foster care, or the forbidden subject. My first word could have been "Shit" for all I know. I know I walked at 9 months because my doctor noted it in my records, but there has to be more there. What experiences made I probably shouldn't dwell on this. It's not like suddenly I will know all the answers, but damn.

Parents, do me and your kids a favor. Keep a diary, make a scrapbook, do something so that your kids will know where they came from. Especially if your kids don't live with you. If not, they'll just keep wondering. Asking questions for which there are no answers.


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