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Monday, February 7


Today has been hell. Pure Hell. Started out horrible, ended even worse. I ran behind all day, then I hurt my back at work. Why did I get hurt at work? Because our PT/OT department told the DON that someone could stand and pivot. The DON then told us we could no longer use the hoyer lift.

Now, don't get me wrong. I encourage residents to walk as much as possible. Key word=POSSIBLE. I wouldn't expect a resident on oxygen who is also a hospice patient and has not gotten out of bed in two weeks to be able to stand up, turn, and sit. Common sense. But, when a resident is on hospice, insurance (cough, Medicare, cough) will not pay for therapy. So, after unsuccessfully trying to do the impossible, five of us were injured in some way.

Of course, I got the heaviest parts since I am the strongest. But, my gym workouts do not make me Super Aide. The adrenaline rush was not very nice, either. I like my heart rate and BP elevated during two things and two things only: Gym workouts and bedroom workouts.

I have only had two people fall while under my care. Neither was preventable. One due to a resident having a TIA during walking, the other was a mechanical problem with a hoyer lift. Both times I was able to stop the impact. I do not want to have people hurt because I am just a CNA. PT/OT screens last all of 10-30 minutes. CNA care last all day. Who do you think has a better idea of what someone can really do?


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