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Thursday, February 10

Hazy-Why I Neglected My Blog

Finally, I have been able to come out of the fog. What fog you ask? Well, I took some Flexiril for my back. It wasn't serious enough this time to risk getting taken off of work by going to the ER, but the baseball-sized knot in my back had to go.
  • Day 1, Monday: After leaving work, I alternately froze or overheated myself in 20 minute intervals. Thank goodness for my girlfriend and kids.
  • Day 2: I got up at four am, intending to go to work. Ha Ha! Called in after trying to bend over to tie my shoes. Back to the two forms of hell. New process-rub in Icy/Hot every so often.
  • Day 3: Heard my conscience going "Suck it up, Sally" and hauled my ass to work. I wonder if they ever figured out where the extra sand pack went. (Sand packs are the BEST heating pad, store them in warm water and the last for hours) Upon arriving home, I re-instituted Day 2's regimen. About eight pm, I decided to call in the reserves. My last two Flexiril. I had been saving these since I almost tore the same muscles that currently hurt. (Less than a year from the RX date)
  • Day 4: Wanted to kill my miniature dachshund when I woke up. She slept on my back. Attached ThermaCare heating pad to get through. After work, another Flexiral. Finally, 80 hours after the injury happened, I still hurt!

(Yes, I'm whining. Back injuries hurt. Even if they aren't true injuries because I did not go to the doc.)


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