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Wednesday, February 23

Listening to my soul...

Since things have been one non-stop thrill ride for the last few days. I need to sit back and take stock.

First, my gf's book is proofed, approved, and on its way to print. When I have the link to buy it, I will of course put up something.

Second, the flu is coming. It has hit work, hit home, and now starting to hit me. Exhaustion has kept me from the gym, which has made me even more tired. (Why does using energy up make a body more?)

Finally, and most important to me is...(drum roll, please)...I am going to attempt a whole novel. I put up a short, uncomplete scene here and on Forward Motion. The response I have gotten has been extremely helpful providing constructive criticism, which I love. I think I can do this. If not, then I will at least have fun on the ride. I don't dare dream of reaching the heights of some of my role models, but I can try. I would rather have tried and lose than lose before I start.

I don't know exactly why, but this is extremely important to me. This is not a hobby anymore. I have to let my soul lead. In retrospect, it's been heading this direction for a long time. I just didn't listen. I thought the roses and school plays were enough.


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