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--Isaac Asimov


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Saturday, March 26

Fun With Maps

This is getting worse than being covered in honey around a bee-hive. (Yes, that was lame.)

Just for fun, I read my WIP from start to current point. Guess what I realized? I need to make a map of some buildings. I've found that the same door is mysteriously opening to different rooms.

On a better note, I've gotten fully away from the YA aspect of the novel. It kept appearing and I don't want it. It doesn't fit with the last half of my plan. (Insert evil laugh here) Can't have a steaming torid affair in a YA novel.

In good book news, I have gotten addicted to a new author and a new genre. Wen Spencer and fantasy. Her book Tinker made me take a second look at fantasy. It has never really intrigued me, until now. I bought the ebook and liked it so much that I made a 40 mile trek to the bookstore to buy it. Next project is getting a good PDA so that I can continue to buy ebooks. Do banks make loans to purchase books?


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