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Sunday, April 10

A Moment In My Life

The ants have taken up residence in my shorts. While busy outlining, editing, coding a website for my gf, and taking care of the kids all at once, I need to move.

So what do I do? Dumbass here decides to take a walk to the park with the kids. And the dogs.

3:30 I decide we should go for a walk

4:00 We head out the front door

4:02 "Are we there yet?" starts. Meanwhile, Butch, miniature dachshund, is pulling my shoulder out of it's socket and Princess, basset hound, is trying to sit down.

4:10 We reach Iron Mike, the antique water fountain. It has a spot for humans, dogs, and horses. We decide to pass it by.

4:11 We pass the Shell Gas Station. "I'm thirsty." is the new chant. Did I mention that the park we picked is across the town a little over a mile away from our house.

4:20 We reach the park. I send the kids to say hi to their grandparents since I have both dogs still. Said grandparents have 3 greyhounds. (Grandparents are across the street from the park)

4:22 The kids come back to the park.

4:40 One kid has been sitting behind the bench petting the dogs. The other took over a high spot to watch people flying kites. Neither has moved since arriving.

4:45 Round up the kids to go home. Still have both dogs. "But, we didn't get to play." starts being chanted. All the other moms quickly look down their nose at me when I say, "But, you've been here 25 minutes and have just sat like a lump on a log." I decide to hell with the supermoms and we go home anyway.

4:46 My youngest finally offers to take one of the dogs and promptly tries to get her run over. I take back the dog.

4:55 We pass Iron Mike again. Dogs get a drink. Momma gets a drink. Boys try to drink out of the part for horses. Both boys are now drenched and complaining.

5:10 This momma has successfully ignored all complaints on the way home without resorting to gagging her children.

5:12 Momma gets herself a LARGE ice cream cone for completing properly motherly duties. The darn laundry and dishes will just have to wait!


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