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Wednesday, April 6

That Red Stuff

Today, I did something that everyone should. I was very happy to do this. The other times that this particular event came to town. I had to work. Since you shouldn't lift heavy objects afterword, I could never do it. Oh, my employers said "Go ahead. Just don't lift." A CNA not doing heavy lifting? Hah!

I donated blood.

Reasons why?
  • Every two seconds an American needs blood. Imagine what it is like across the world. A hour of my life is nothing compared to those who are in the last hour of their life due to a blood shortage.
  • Blood only has a shelf life of 42 days. You can only donate blood every 56 days. Do the math. There is always a shortage.
  • Blood transfusion rates are climbing an average of 6% a year. We gotta keep up people!
  • U.S. hospitals transfused almost 14 million units of whole blood in 2001. Not to mention red blood cell, platelet, fresh frozen plasma, and cryoprecipitate. Only about 15 million units of whole blood were collected that same year.
  • Check out for more information. (That's where these stats came from.)
Next on my list, apheresis to donate platelets. I am the polar opposite to a hemophiliac. I clot easily. It's nothing serious, but my doctor once recommended that I donate platelets regularly. Then, I can donate every three days up to 24 times a year. It takes longer, but who cares?

So what did you give of yourself today?


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