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Thursday, May 19

Aren't We Getting Tired Yet?

I just wish all this debate would come to an end. (Link from Noise in the Attic) Isn't this same old boring topic about homosexual rights getting on anyone else's nerves?

Some of My Views

  • Point. Censoring out homosexual content in our schools is not going to get rid of homosexuality. It has been around as long as we have been having sex for fun, if not longer.
  • Tip. If homosexuality is immoral in your belief system, then be a heterosexual.
  • Apology. I wish I could help those of you finding conflict with your homosexuality and your beliefs. You must find your own way to happiness. I did. So have many others.
  • Values. Whatever your values, they are yours not necessarily anyone else's. America is based on freedom. You have the right to hold your values. As do I.
  • Laws. They are written to protect. If something does not harm, there should not be a law against it. Stealing, murder, rape are harmful. Consensual sex isn't.
  • Marriage. Marriage is a bond between two people. A same-sex marriage doesn't hurt anyone. Trust me. I'm not going to come knocking down your door to force you to marry me.

Let people live the way they want to live. We should all be celebrating our diversity, not trying to make everyone conform to one single belief system.


at 6:50 PM, May 19, 2005, Blogger Carter said...

But the Agenda! What about the Agenda! What about your plans to infect us heteros with cooties and sodomize us with gerbils?

Stupidity really burns my butt, too. Why can't we say that all Americans have the same rights and leave it at that?

Good luck with your hair.


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