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Tuesday, September 6

Where Exactly Am I?

Short answer: here, there, and everywhere.

While Megan and Sad Comedy are both done, neither is edited not properly titled. That will just have to sit on the back burner for now. I just plain don't have the time. New ideas are going in a notebook for later perusal and writing.

My "Fill an 18 wheeler" idea has been blown to smithereens. It is just too big for one small town girl with not many connections or time. Instead, I got the nursing home to donate supplies for health kits. These will be donated to the local United Methodist Church.

I'm not a member of any particular church and I don't go to services. But, the supply lines are already set up and I will help where I can. It is these kind of times that make me realize what being me is all about. It takes a natural disaster to knock me right out of a depression. Whodathunk?

In other news, I got the promotion mentioned so long ago. Hopefully, all goes well. Off to take care of my life and maybe a short story or two. (wink)


at 6:47 PM, September 06, 2005, Blogger Jean said...

Congrats on the promotion. As for joining in with an organization with supply lines already established, that can actually allow you to do more. Good adjustment.

at 8:09 PM, September 06, 2005, Blogger Carter said...

We all do what we can. Even if the Grande Idea didn't work out, I'm betting that it got people's attention and spurred them to do something. Good for you.

Congrats on the promotion, too. Well deserved.


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