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Tuesday, January 18

What To Do?

At work, I am up for a promotion. At least, that is what the administrator has been telling me for six weeks. This promotion is going to be a new position. While I am flattered, waiting is really pissing me off. To be honest, I am starting to wonder if it is going to happen. As a CNA, there really isn't much that I can be promoted to. Hence, the excitement.

For several weeks, I have been doing some of the little things that I would be doing after my so-called promotion. Today, right or wrong, I let them know that I will not add anymore to my plate without the title to back it up. I wouldn't want another CNA telling me how to do my job if she/he did not have some authority over me. So, until I am actually promoted, I put my foot down. I will continue to do what I already am, but anything to do with "supervising" other CNAs is a no-no. I will not be used. Been there, done that, don't enjoy it.

I just wish that the administrator would be honest and just tell me if the new position/promotion is not coming. But, since the universe doesn't care what I wish, I will just keep doing my job. No skin off my back because I really do love my job. I just hate carrots, especially the dangling kind.


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