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Monday, June 4

One Down, Two to Go

Curlie Cue is done. Only two more baby blankets to go.

Pattern: Basic Dishrag on the Bias-when I started to decrease I used intarsia to make the two smaller triangles. Then, I made a bunch of i-cord for the curlie cues.

Yarn: Stash yarn that I got for a dollar a pound from a local charity sale. Feels like Baby Teri by Red Heart.

Needles: 16" Size 7 Crystal Palace bamboo circular

What do you do when you have three different colorways and three different lengths of i-cord to make? Knit the three colorways of the same length all at once, of course. Let me tell you that knitting i-cord is a zen experience. Knit 3, push to the other end, knit 3, push.

Even more zen, is miles of garter stitch. knit 5, yarn over, knit to end, knit 5, yarn over knit to end. Continue until you run out of pink yarn. Using purpley pink variagated, knit 4, knit 2 together, yarn over, knit to center. Using white variagated, knit to end. Knit 4, knit 2 together, yarn over, knit 2 together, knit to center, switch back to purpley pink, knit to end. Repeat until there are two stitches left, always switching yarns at the center.

Yarn over.
Knit 2 together.
Crossing yarns.

The end product was not what I suspected. I was knitting this to order for a girl at my girlfriend's work. I *hated* this until it was finished. Then, well, see for yourself.

Now, I think it is kinda cute. The color side had pink i-cord, but it made this way too busy.



at 8:06 PM, June 05, 2007, Blogger Carter said...

Well, I'm glad can understand that 'cause it means nothing to me.

The blankie is pretty, though. Good work.

at 10:01 AM, June 16, 2007, Blogger Jean said...

Pretty blanket. It has a fleecelike look and looks very cozy and comforting.

at 6:06 PM, December 28, 2010, Anonymous mutuelle said...

Pretty blanket

at 1:48 AM, May 14, 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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