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Monday, November 15

An Absolutely Positively Awesome Read

I am a SciFi junkie. I have 3 bookshelves filled with primarily SciFi. The other genres on my shelves are DIY, classic fiction, non-fiction, and books of useless information. (Yes, I am also a knowledge junkie) So I thought I would broaden my horizons a little and try another genre. So, I found myself reading Midnight Rain by Holly Lisle. I decided on it, btw, because one of my favorite SciFi authors, S. L. Viehl, had recommended it. I started reading it on my break this morning and almost "got sick" just so that I could go home, right then, and finish it. Needless to say that I stayed at work because I am not quite that irresponsible. I was at Chapter 7 by the end of my 60 minutes total break time. I'm sure I pissed off a few people on break because I know at one point someone was talking, I justed was suffering a case of selective hearing and didn't answer. Find a way to read this book. Somehow, Someway, Read It. I might have to buy some more bookshelves now.


at 9:25 AM, November 16, 2004, Blogger Holly said...

Thank you, Heather. I'm delighted that you liked it. And I really appreciate the recommendation.



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