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Friday, January 28

Plus and Minus

The last few days, I have been busy improving my body and mind. I have started working out again. I had to stop last time due to a back injury. I had forgotten how much I liked it. There is something eerily soothing about putting on your walkman and seeing just how much strength and endurance you have. I knew I was strong (side effect of lifting people all day), just not how much endurance I had. I am still amazed at how much energy I get from using energy. Anyhow, the excitement of putting some effort back into myself did not last long.

Today, my gf's wallet was stolen. It had everything in it. Debit card, social security card, driver's license, even her work credit cards. Thankfully, her boss isn't mad, but it is still just so irritating. It takes two weeks to get new cards, then memorizing the new pin numbers, etc is such a hassle. Taking a page from PBW's book, I think I will try some zen revenge. Especially, since I know who did it. And, I know they did it just to spite us. I will just not bring myself to go back to high school and be childish. I've already done something nice out of the blue for someone else. Now, how to do something nice for someone who stole from you. Maybe I will get that person a gift certificate to somewhere. Maybe I will just let that person not have the police come after them. Probably both.


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