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Sunday, January 23

Shoe, Hose, And Hoes

Today, I am working on the final edits on my gf's book. Family and friends were very helpful in finding the typos that I missed. I hate these revisions mostly because they are due to my dyslexia. I missed that it said hose instead of shoe the first four times through it. How am I going to find/fix it this time? Any hints? My arms get tired holding up sheets of paper to block out the other words. I wish there was a program designed for dyslexic people. There is every other type of program out there. Why not a word processor for dyslexics? They make left-handed just about everything but nothing for us wierd-wired people.

Rant continuing. Yes, I tend to used a lot of word combinations like wierd-wired because they help me slow down and read more accurately. A teacher once told me that using these types of combinations meant that I did not have dyslexia. You see I cannot even get used to spelling things one way and seeing them another because words do not appear the same every time I read them. Shoe may appear to be hose one time, hoes another time, and sheo the next. But, on the flip side, I get to play games like Text Twist and say that I am studying. LOL.


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