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Monday, May 30

Thank A Veteran!

Today, and everyday, take a second to thank a vet. They are the people with the true grit to keep us free. Would you risk your life fighting a war? Would you leave your family knowing that you may never come back?

Our United States Veterans did. Whether they enlisted by choice or by draft, they are the true superheroes. Our Veterans gave up their life to pursue an ideal. Our Veterans went through hell in basic, then went on to fight under more gruelish and cruel circumstances than most of us can even imagine.

Hell, thank anyone that has been or is in uniform. They took the same chance of being called up to war that veterans did. They went through the same training. They still serve for our freedom.

Many gave their lifes for our freedom, be it wartime or peacetime. If you cannot find it in your heart to thank veterans and servicemen, you do not value the freedom that they have won us.


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