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Friday, February 10

Equally Unequal

The Unabashed Heretic talked about equality between men and women a while ago.

Why do certain jobs have different requirements for men than women? It's the same job.

I once applied to be a guard at the local jail. The physical requirements for women were almost half as that for the men. I could have passed the timed run by walking. If someone is trying to cause trouble, are they really going to jog instead of run just because it's a girl guard chasing them?

Come on, now. Men and women are different. Most of us relish those differences. I happen to like indoor plumbing, but some don't. Although, I might just brave outdoor plumbing to hear Vin Deisel say my name. What a voice.

But, I digress. For the most part, women should equal pay for the same job. But, if you have to have two different sets of minimal requirements to be able to hire women (or men), then there is an inherent problem in the system. Feminism has gone too far.

Employers shouldn't be guilted into lowering requirements for women who are too lazy to work to meet minimum requirements. What is the difference between minimal physical requirements and minimal educational requirements?


at 4:05 PM, February 14, 2006, Blogger Carter said...

"Equal" does not mean "identical". Men and women are different, that fact cannot be denied. There are sound evolutionary species-survival reasons for that.

Having different requirements like that raises some pretty hard questions:

-If the lower requirements for women are sufficient to do the job, then why are the requirements for men higher?

-Doesn't that discriminate against men on the basis of their gender?

If a person of whatever gender, race, creed, color, mindset, or unfathomable kinkiness cannot meet the minimum requirements to do a job WELL, they can't do that job. Period.


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