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Tuesday, March 1

By Gosh Oh Golly Gee.

These last few days have been...

Inspired. I figured out how to play with animated images on my graphics editor, GIMP. My reason to play? Because I wanted to and I earned it.

I've finally gotten my computer set-up the way I like it. Firefox for most of my browsing needs and IE for Yahoo! messenger. I'd switch Yahoo! Messenger, but the my scores on my games won't post. Does Microsoft own Yahoo!, too?

I'm debating on what computer I will get next year. (We're outgrowing this one) I will probably get a laptop and wait on a new computer, though. That was my gf and I can both be writing/playing/whatever at the same time. Something to think about.

On the writing front, I'm having a blast. Rythym is coming slowly, but that doesn't matter. I have no illusions about writing the next Great American Novel. Even if a few people like my words, I will be happy.


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