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Tuesday, April 26

Color Crazy

I have this baggie filled with slips of paper. I cut them out of newspapers, magazines, whatever my scissors can cut through. (No, stop thinking that. I am NOT a packrat!)

You see, my baggie is full of interesting words. I pull out a few and try to use the words that I find in as few words as I can. The only rules are 1) You must use all the words you pick and 2) You must make some kind of sense in sentence form.

It helps, um, well. It's fun goshbedarnedit. Today, I accidentally pulled out ten because of SSNs. Stinking Sticky Notes.

How many/few words would it take you to use Mr. Spock, black, white, blandness, steel, eyebrows, garnet, charcoal, wrinkles, and eight? Maybe I should count Mr. and Spock as two words instead of one?

"Steel gray is the color that reminds me most. Blandness was what we saw every day for eight years. Better than white, worse than black." Faint wrinkles appeared around Col's garnet eyes while his charcoal eyebrows tried their best to imitate Mr. Spock.
(42 words in 4 sentences)


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