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Tuesday, May 31

All In A Day's Work

A lot of people ask me what it is that I love about being a CNA. When the truth comes out, they seem to have thought that I am a perverse dyke that likes old um, well, that.


I like making a difference. I am proud that I can shower a combative resident by myself because I can make that connection. Maybe I understand what it is like. Maybe I just look like someone that resident used to trust. I don't know. The reason isn't what matters.

What matters is that I can provide comfort and caring. What matters even more is that I do. I may not be able to take their pain away, but I can get them to forget about it for a little while. How, you ask? I get to know a person. (And, I am not scared of the state inspectors in Illinois)

If a lady asks me to call her "Gramma," I will. I take residents outside with me on my breaks. I once brought in a plastic box full of snow for a woman who wanted nothing more than a snowball fight. It isn't the actual work that I love, it's those moments of sheer joy that I get to bring.

In fact, it was a lady at work who prompted me to write with the intention of getting published. She likes to hear stories while she is showering, primping, etc. Eventually, she whittled down my walls until I agreed to try.

There is a completely different and unparalleled relationship that builds with me and my residents. It is akin to the relationship I have with my kids, but completely different at the same time. It's trust, love, kindness, understanding and dependence all wrapped up in one. I know that some of my residents probably wouldn't and sometimes didn't give me the time of day before coming to the nursing home, but now, we are fast friends.

***Please don't take this post to mean that all the residents like me, but I don't get any hate mail either.


at 7:07 PM, June 01, 2005, Blogger Carter said...

Oh, Heather, if only all CNA's were like you! While my mother-in-law was in the nursing home with Alzheimer's, we got to see the worst side of people who are supposed to be "caregivers". I told my wife that she'd better kill me before putting me in that hellhole.

Bless you.

at 6:25 PM, June 02, 2005, Blogger Heather Lynne said...

Thanks, Carter!

I know all to well that most CNAs are no where near as caring. Honestly, I am the mean bitch that turns them in too.

Why do something if you aren't going to do it right?


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