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Tuesday, June 7

3 Days

Starting Friday at 8am we are having a garage sale. This means that we must have spring cleaning done, including garage. All the miscellaneous objects, clothes, etc. washed, laid out and tagged.

Just to punish ourselves furthur, a friend of ours and my gf's mother are participating. Argh! Am I truly a masochist?

Work is absolutely fabulous, right? I give showers all day long. In a room minus air conditioning. With the heat lamps turned on. In 90-odd degree weather. Without electrical outlets, so no fan, either. My boss and I need to talk.

Would they give me air conditioning or an outlet if I showed up to work in a bikini? (Remember, I am a 220 pound fat, muscular dyke)

Also, I am trying to get a post up answering Holly's call, but it will probably wait until Saturday night or Sunday. No one might hear from me until then.

***P.S. My gf's rant about her mother is absolutely f***ing hilarious. At least, until her mother reads it.


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