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Wednesday, June 1

Romance and SF

Over at Squatting Rights, Wen Spencer's blog, she posted about the hard numbers of the percentages of Romance versus SF sales.

In my opinion, it isn't the lack of romance that keeps SF sales low. To me, it seems that the stereotype of SF readers/watchers has more to do with it. Even as an adult, I get sideways glances when I show off my latest SF purchase. But, I am a self-proclaimed geek.

I love math, science, logic, philosophy, anything that I can learn from. Science Fiction is inherently geared towards people who are science orientated. Even the most watered down SF is tinged with technology of the future, aliens, memes that just don't apply to the here and now. Many readers do not want to put in the effort to see the themes that lie under the surface. The gems of wisdom that do apply.

Basically, Romance as a genre appeals to more people, both women and men. Everyone can relate to a relationship gone sour. Everyone can remember how it felt to dream of going to the prom with the most beautiful, popular, wonderful girl in the whole school. Romance gives the everyday single mom/dad reader, who has gone through two divorces, the easiest escape. They don't have to think to relate to the story. The author lets the reader decide how much they want to think while reading. The hidden meanings are there to be found if chosen, but are not normally a requirement.

I love SF and I am starting to love Romance. For me, SF is a better, truer release from reality. But, I'm a strange cookie. Engrossing myself in a fun story that I can pry away meaning from is entertainment. I'm learning now that I can do that with Romance. Hence, my new affair with the genre.

Remember folks, reading is supposed to be entertainment.


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