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Monday, March 7

Black Cloud

I once thought that life could be wonderful if you just tried to make it that way. Once again, wrong. Car is broken, yet again. I wonder if it can be fixed this time.

Landlord is an a#&$&#%. We still are missing two windows in the middle of winter. (Have been since fall) $350 was the water bill when he went a month before fixing some leaks.

Bosses are idiots. They don't know what isolation is. I printed out the CDC guidelines for isolating influenza. Think they listened? Nope. Most hospitals in our area are full with influenze patients and are sending what they can to nursing homes. Instead of spending a few extra dollars on masks/gowns for the staff, they say wash your hands more. Guess what, that doesn't work when you've had someone hack all over your scrubs. Oh yeah, public health is due to arrive anyday now for an inspection.

And the best part. I feel like a mac truck has run me over, put it in reverse, and did it again. At least the kids haven't gotten it yet.


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