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Tuesday, December 6

Reading Preferences

This one you can blame on Ronn.

Reading Preferences:
  1. I'll read almost anything once. If I own it and keep it, it's a good read. (imho)
  2. I wish there was more/better lesbian fiction. Especially, in the genres I read.
  3. I prefer SF, paranormal, some fantasy, some vampire, horror, "chicken soup," suspense, etc.
  4. I like real relationships in books. Romance as a subplot, though.
  5. Most people don't know that I have actually read Plato, Des Cartes, and other assorted philospophers. Some many times over. Finding philosophical viewpoints and so forth keeps me interested in reading as much as the enjoyment factor. Rama series is a viewpoint on God as much as it is hard SF.
  6. Deep, detailed worlds draw me into a book as fast as a great plot. Especially when the cultures in the book feel real and I can imagine going there to visit.
  7. All scene and no action bore me. Into. Tears.
  8. I can't stand damsels-in-distress books. Give that gal some balls and brains. Take her high heels off before she starts running through the dark dense forrest. Who really wears high heels camping? (Drag queens not included, they wear high heels all the time ;)
  9. I prefer hardcover to paperback.
  10. I wish mass market paperbacks would use the 8.5 x 5.5 size because it is just easier to hold onto, dang it. I know, I'm a heretic.
  11. Out of print books should be made available as ebooks. Or, publishers should have some sort of print on demand option for out of print books. I'd rather pay the higher price for a brand spanking new copy than a used/electronic copy. Get rid of that stake and put out that fire.
  12. Mug of hot chocolate in hand and swinging on a porch swing in the spring or fall is the absolute best way to enjoy a book.
  13. I have a love-hate relationship with stand alone books. I generally want more. Yes, I'm greedy.
  14. I refuse to buy a book if certain "reviewers" say it's a good read. They are generally lying. A few times I have changed my mind because of the author's blog/website.
  15. I prefer long books and series with more than three books.
Bonus trivia: I once spent 76 hours reading non-stop. As in no sleep. The roster: StarDoc series, Rama series, Ender's Game, Plato's Republic, The Phoenix Legacy, James White's Sector general series.


at 11:53 PM, December 07, 2005, Blogger Ronn said...

76 hours! I think my eyes would have dried up and fallen out of my head after that much reading in one setting.


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