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Wednesday, March 18

What's Up?

I have had a nice long sabbatical. But, it has been very busy.

I've got started an office job last April. In January, I found out the company I work for is closing it's doors in Illinois and Colorado to move everything to Florida. I will probably end up going back to CNA work.

We have started the process for me to legally adopt the kids. We've been talking about it for a coon's age but are finally able to afford it. ::insert Heather's happy dance::

My better half has found out that she has migraines, tension headaches, and psuedotumor cerebri. No longer can she say the pain is from me. We are hoping that the medicines to reduce her sIpinal fluid work so that she doesn't need a shunt in her spine. We are putting off her next spinal tap until after the adoption.

My love for knitting is only increasing. Socks, blankets, and greyhound sweaters are the current works in progress.

The written word is still a love of mine, but I am only editing Stac's projects right now. She is going to take the summer off to write and submit. Please send some kind thoughts her way.

I have officially quit nicotine.

I am hoping to reestablish contact with my online buddies. I will lurk no longer.

Ta-ta for now.



at 2:31 PM, March 23, 2009, Blogger Carter said...

YAYY!!! You're back!

Bummer about the office job, but congratulations on becoming nicotine-free. Quitting smoking was one of the hardest things I ever did, so I sympathize.

Glad you're back online and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

at 12:19 AM, November 05, 2009, Anonymous mutuelle said...

Smoking is bad for health. Good thing you quit smoking...

at 12:22 AM, November 05, 2009, Anonymous Defiscalisation said...

Congratulations. Keep it up!

at 12:23 AM, November 05, 2009, Anonymous Rachat Credit said...

What you did was the right thing. You're courageous.

at 4:21 AM, May 12, 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so nice, love it. cherche plan cul


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